Attend the American Made MFG Conference on Friday, Nov 10th, 2023 at The Westshore Grand in Tampa Bay, FL

Gathering U.S. manufacturers for a networking event to advance domestic production. This will be broadcast to an audience during and after the conference.

Who Should Request to Attend?

  • Industrial, Commerical, and Military Metal Fabricators
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Parts Manufacturers
  • Machine Shops
  • Textiles

Approved Attendee Titles:

  • C-Level Executives
  • Operational Managers
  • Manufacturing Association Members

Thank you to Georgia Manufacturing Alliance for your support of the industry and for American-Made 2023

Thank you to High Value Manufacturing for your support of the industry and for American-Made 2024

American Made 2023 Kick-Off Premiere 8:30AM

A Decade Later Live Update of the Film “American Made” A U.S. Manufacturing Documentary

Mark Andol has been fixing and inventing products since he was a kid. While Mark was a young man, his dad took a leap of faith and used a second mortgage to open Mark’s first welding shop. Decades later, General Welding & Fabricating, Inc. has multiple large locations servicing major industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

GWFab has a thriving team that also launched the beautiful and inspiring, Made in America Store. A brick & mortar store that started with 50 products and now has over 11,000! by 500 different 100% American Made suppliers.

In 2013, an incredible documentary about US manufacturing called, American Made, featured Mark’s story. It is a must watch and we plan to broadcast it with the 10-year later updates from the last two seconds of this trailer.

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“We look forward to meeting others on the American Made mission and learning along the way.” – Mark Andol, Founder & CEO of General Welding & Fabricating, Western New York

American-Made MFG Conference will be live interviews and panels for future broadcasts.

Actively meeting with top U.S. manufacturing leaders to continue learning the industry and help others grow. Read or Listen to past U.S. manufacturing executive interviews:


Jason Blount has a passion for manufacturing and digital strategy – he has reached tens of millions of people for the industry. Digital Media Advisor for the Tampa Bay Times (, Co-Founder of, pictured speaking at the Made in America Inaugural Trade Show. He is introducing Workshop for Warriors. Jason’s projects have received national recognition.

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