The team behind the American-Made 2023 conference is thrilled to unveil our keynote speaker: Mark Andol, an unwavering advocate for American manufacturing and the visionary founder of General Welding & Fabrication, as well as the pioneering “Made in America Store”.


A Decade Later “American Made Movie” – Major Updates LIVE

It’s been ten years since the cinematic release of the groundbreaking “American Made Movie” documentary. This compelling piece of filmography traversed the intricate tapestry of American manufacturing, delving deep into its peaks and troughs. The documentary shined a spotlight on passionate entrepreneurs, hardworking factory workers, and committed small business owners, celebrating them as the champions keeping America’s manufacturing pulse alive.

Mark Andol’s compelling narrative was one of the documentary’s highlights. His audacious initiative to stock only American-made products in his store was a testament to a transformative idea: our consumer choices can directly contribute to a thriving America.

A Journey from Then to Now

As American-Made 2023 gears up to welcome industry stalwarts and budding entrepreneurs, Mark’s story holds a special significance. It’s a beacon that illuminates the strides we’ve made over the past decade and showcases the immense potential that lies ahead. His keynote address promises to be an amalgamation of lessons from the past, strategies for the present, and visions for the future of American manufacturing.

Join Us for a Glimpse into the Future

American-Made 2023, scheduled for November 10th, at the opulent Westshore Grand in Tampa Bay, Florida, is more than just a conference. It’s a movement. It’s a chance to rekindle our collective pride in American manufacturing, to stoke the fires of innovation, and to envision a future where “Made in America” isn’t just a tag on a product, but a statement of quality, resilience, and pride.

With Mark Andol leading the discourse, attendees are in for an insightful and motivating experience, one that will shape dialogues and decisions in the industry for years to come.

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