Are Your Products Listed?’s Robust E-Commerce Plan for U.S. Manufacturers

Supporting U.S. Manufacturers Like aNever Before

In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, is carving a unique niche, offering an exclusive platform dedicated to U.S. manufacturers. With a mission to uplift and support local products and businesses, the site is swiftly becoming the go-to hub for all things “Made in the USA”.

Onboarding New Vendors Daily

We understand the significance of providing a platform where U.S. manufacturers can showcase their products to a wider audience. Thus, is actively accepting vendor applications and onboarding new products every day. This continuous influx ensures a diverse range of products for consumers while offering manufacturers a dedicated space to highlight their American-made goods.

Get Listed Today!

If you’re a manufacturer with products made in the USA, this is your chance to gain visibility and reach a broader audience. Don’t miss out! Click below to begin the journey:

A Sneak Peek: Demo Site Now Live

While the full-fledged live site is gearing up for its grand launch, we’ve rolled out a demo site for vendors and consumers alike. Though not fully functional yet, the demo site provides a glimpse into the layout, functionality, and a list of our Approved Vendors. It’s a testament to the state-of-the-art e-commerce experience we aim to deliver.

Meet Don Buckner at American-Made 2023

If you want to learn more about and its exciting e-commerce plans, don’t miss the American-Made 2023 MFG Conference on November 10th in Tampa, FL. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Don Buckner, the founder of It’s an event that promises to celebrate and promote U.S. manufacturing!