In the dynamic world of manufacturing, driving efficiency and enhancing supply chain resilience are paramount. Becky Ferrell, the Lead of Supply Chain and Compliance Strategies Director, is a seasoned expert with over 35 years of experience in global supply chain management. Her dedication to advancing the manufacturing industry and her insights are set to be a highlight at the American-Made 2023 MFG Conference, taking place at the Westshore Grand Portfolio hotel in Tampa on November 10th.

During her illustrious career, Becky has collaborated with major automotive manufacturers and Tier One / Tier Two suppliers. Her focus has been on identifying opportunities and optimizing operations to maximize efficiency and productivity. Her extensive assignment in Asia showcased her skills in improving both Greenfield and Brownfield facilities. Furthermore, she has taken on a mentoring role to guide supply chain personnel toward excellence.

Becky is a distinguished Lean and Supply Chain calibrator, well-versed in identifying bottlenecks and offering effective solutions through gap closure plans. Her dedication to her field is exemplified by her role as a board member on the Greater Detroit chapter of APICS, where she actively contributes to the community’s advancement. She is also a certified instructor in CSCP, making her a recognized authority in supply chain management.

Driving Manufacturing Growth

Becky Ferrell firmly believes that U.S. manufacturing holds untapped potential to increase its supply chain output significantly. In her words, “U.S. manufacturing could experience a remarkable 30% increase in supply chain output with its existing workforce and machinery.” This bold statement reflects her visionary approach to reimagining manufacturing operations for a brighter, more productive future.

Introducing HVM Resiliency Partners

Becky Ferrell has joined forces with Bill May and Pat Smith to establish High Value Manufacturing Resiliency Partners. This collaborative venture has partnered with Intelligent Mobility Planning LLC, founded by Thomas Brewer, to further empower the U.S. manufacturing landscape. Together, they aim to bolster supply chain resiliency by assisting domestic and international companies in launching manufacturing facilities within the United States.

The combined experience of the four individuals leading HVM Resiliency Partners amounts to an impressive 140 years in the manufacturing industry, encompassing a remarkable 70 plant launches. Their expertise forms the foundation for a comprehensive suite of consulting services tailor-made for manufacturing startups.

Thomas Brewer, President & CEO of Intelligent Mobility Planning LLC, brings his extensive experience with General Motors to the table. During his tenure at GM, he held various roles, including Controller and Planning Administrator at the Spring Hill Manufacturing Complex, where he led 23 separate launches. His transition into the role of Associate Vice President at Tennessee Tech University and his consulting endeavors demonstrate his commitment to advancing the industry.

High Value Services for Manufacturing Startups

High Value Manufacturing is dedicated to supporting manufacturing startups by building supply chain resiliency. The comprehensive range of services provided includes:

  • Stakeholder & Community Relations
  • Supply Chain Engagement
  • Workforce Development
  • Environmental Compliance, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
  • Manufacturing Resiliency

HVM Resiliency Partners collaborates with various stakeholders, including industrial development boards, cities & counties, regional organizations, state entities, and other critical parties from the outset of a manufacturing startup. This ensures a seamless launch process, reducing potential challenges and delays.

The team assesses supplier readiness and meticulously plans construction materials, machinery/equipment, tier partners, and plant operations to ensure a successful startup. Furthermore, they provide guidance on workforce development, including hiring, training, and continuous improvement, resulting in a skilled and motivated workforce.

Environmental compliance, corporate responsibility, and sustainability are integral components of their services. HVM Resiliency Partners conducts site environmental assessments, permitting and regulatory interface, and compliance management during startup. This commitment to sustainability fosters operational flexibility and responsible manufacturing.

For manufacturing resiliency, they emphasize strategic facility design, advanced product quality planning, IATF 16949 compliance, MMOG/LE, and their proprietary 11+1 quality management strategies, ensuring that operations remain efficient and competitive.

America-Made 2023 MFG Conference

Becky Ferrell’s remarkable insights and her vision for the future of U.S. manufacturing will take center stage as connects remotely at the American-Made 2023 MFG Conference. Join her and fellow industry experts in Tampa at the Westshore Grand Portfolio hotel on November 10th. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and be part of the conversation driving manufacturing forward.

As Becky Ferrell aptly puts it, “U.S. manufacturing could experience a remarkable 30% increase in supply chain output with its existing workforce and machinery.” It’s a vision of growth and efficiency that promises to reshape the industry landscape for the better.