As the sun set on numerous factories across America and the tides of globalization led to the outsourcing of operations, the nation witnessed a decline in manufacturing employment. However, the horizon is brightening, with a renewed vigor towards re-establishing America as a global manufacturing powerhouse, especially in sectors like semiconductors and electric vehicles. In a recent insightful video by CNBC, the network delves into the ambitious endeavors of the Biden Administration to revitalize the manufacturing sector. At, we believe this topic is crucial for the 2023 American Made MFG Meeting, as it strikes at the heart of the future of U.S. manufacturing. The landscape of American manufacturing has been through its fair share of highs and lows. The CNBC video kicks off with a brief overview of how the scales tilted towards offshore production and the subsequent implications on American employment.

Industrial Policies

The Biden Administration’s heavy investment in the CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act holds promise. These policies are not mere indications of intent but concrete steps to draw manufacturers back to American shores. The segment from CNBC provides a comprehensive breakdown of these industrial policies, shedding light on their potential impact.

Pros and Cons

No policy comes without its share of supporters and naysayers. While the intent is to usher in a new era of American manufacturing dominance, certain economists caution against the perils of government intervention in what is primarily a free market. The CNBC video elucidates both sides of the coin, presenting a balanced view of the pros and cons associated with these policies.

Way Forward

So, what lies ahead for American manufacturing? The path is dotted with challenges, but also brimming with opportunities. The video’s concluding segment is an exploratory discussion on the way forward, providing a roadmap for what might be the next golden era of manufacturing in the U.S.
Conclusion: The American Made MFG 2023 Meeting is a platform where industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders converge. Armed with insights such as those presented by CNBC, we are poised to shape the narrative of American manufacturing’s future. Whether the U.S. government’s gamble pays off or not remains to be seen. But one thing is certain — the dialogue has begun, and it’s a dialogue that can reshape the nation’s economic trajectory. Join us in this ongoing conversation at and be a part of the manufacturing renaissance. RSVP for the American Made MFG 2023 Meeting