A Haven for Georgia’s Manufacturing Renaissance: An Exclusive Interview with Jason Moss

In the heart of the American South, Georgia has long been recognized for its rich history, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks. Yet, in recent years, the Peach State has also emerged as a hub for manufacturing innovation, thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts of individuals like Jason Moss.

A Journey from NetworkingMFG to GMA

Jason’s commitment to fostering a vibrant manufacturing community in Georgia is palpable. His journey began in 2008 when he founded NetworkingMFG with a singular mission: to connect, educate, and promote manufacturing companies, engineers, and designers throughout Georgia. But as the community grew and the needs evolved, so did Jason’s vision. In 2011, the organization underwent a transformation, rebranding as the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA).

Today, GMA continues to host a variety of events across the state and a robust membership of over 200 companies that represent over 158,000 employees.

In the interview, Jason delves deep into his passion for manufacturing, the challenges he faced along the way, and the milestones that have punctuated GMA’s journey. One such milestone was the recent 15-year celebration, a testament to the organization’s resilience and impact. 

American Made MFG Conference 2023: A Testament to U.S. Manufacturing

Beyond GMA, Jason’s influence can be felt in events that champion American manufacturing. One such event is the upcoming American Made MFG Conference on Friday, Nov 10th, 2023, at The Westshore Grand in Tampa Bay, FL. This conference is set to be a gathering point for U.S. manufacturers, offering a unique platform for networking and advancing domestic production.

Attendees can look forward to a range of activities, including the premiere of a decade-later update of the “American Made” documentary, insightful sessions on topics ranging from strategic trade relations to digital audience targeting, and the grand reveal of the top 3 most American-made autos.

The conference promises to be more than just an event; it’s a movement. A movement to recognize, celebrate, and further the spirit of American craftsmanship and innovation.

In Conclusion

Jason Moss’s journey from founding NetworkingMFG to leading the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance is a testament to his dedication and vision. His efforts have not only elevated the manufacturing community in Georgia but have also contributed to the broader narrative of American manufacturing. As GMA continues to grow and events like the American Made MFG Conference gain traction, one thing is clear: the future of manufacturing in Georgia and the U.S. is bright, and visionaries like Jason Moss are leading the way.