American-Made 2023 MFG Conference Newsroom Release:

High Value Manufacturing to Illuminate Path to Supply Chain Resiliency at American-Made 2023

Bridging the Gap in Manufacturing with High Value Manufacturing

Bill May and Becky Ferrell from left with On-Shoring Partners

High Value Manufacturing, under the visionary leadership of Bill May, has been at the forefront of understanding the nuances and intricate mechanisms of manufacturing operations. With a core belief that the essence of a robust manufacturing ecosystem lies in supply chain resiliency, High Value Manufacturing has been pivotal in reshaping how industries perceive and react to global supply chain dynamics.

Bill’s insights into migrating operations closer to the consumer landscape elucidate the paradigm shift necessary in today’s volatile market. Bringing operations closer to the customer base not only solidifies a company‚Äôs market stance but also becomes a critical strategy for quickly adapting, meeting, and servicing the ever-evolving U.S. market needs.

Becky Ferrell: Steering Supply Chain Towards Resilience

Becky Ferrell, known for her expertise in supply chain strategies and compliance, will dive deep into the strategies that can fortify the supply chains of tomorrow. Becky’s strategies emphasize the fact that relocating plant operations isn’t just about logistics. It carries the potent potential to trim down costs, amplify efficiencies, and introduce a much-needed elasticity to the supply chain, especially when disruptions strike.

Strategic Growth of Manufacturing in the U.S.

The emphasis of both speakers will revolve around the core theme of strategic growth in U.S. manufacturing. With global supply chains experiencing disruptions, the way forward, as Bill and Becky will discuss, involves a mix of strategic relocations, local sourcing, and leveraging advanced technologies to predict, prepare, and respond to future challenges.

Join us to witness Bill May and Becky Ferrell shed light on these pivotal aspects, which promise not only to shape the future of American manufacturing but also to redefine how we perceive supply chain resilience in the 21st century.

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