Georgia Manufacturing Alliance Founder, Jason Moss, to Speak at American-Made 2023

Georgia Manufacturing Alliance Founder, Jason Moss, to Speak at American-Made 2023

Jason Moss’s energy is not just invigorating – it’s infectious. His unparalleled passion and enthusiasm for Georgia’s manufacturing community have made waves across the state and beyond. While he thrives on sharing his own experiences, Jason is equally keen on absorbing lessons from his peers and the manufacturing community at large.

A Journey Borne from Passion

In 2008, with an unwavering vision to uplift and expand Georgia’s manufacturing sector, Jason founded the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA). His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Both Governor Nathan Deal and Governor Brian Kemp have acknowledged Jason’s relentless drive to underline the paramount importance of the manufacturing realm and the industrious individuals behind every product.

GMA: A Catalyst for Growth

Under Jason’s guidance, the GMA has evolved into a nexus of unique opportunities. It’s a platform where professionals converge to witness firsthand factory tours, engage in networking events, partake in enlightening educational sessions, and exhibit at tradeshows. These events, which run throughout the year, enable members to expand their professional networks and adopt industry best practices.

An Ambassador of Impact

As a keynote speaker, Jason’s narratives revolve around potent themes of leadership, teamwork, and impactful living. His literary venture, “Manufacturing Success In Georgia – an illustrated history,” saw him and his wife, Kandy, embarking on an RV book tour. This journey was more than just promotional; it was a tribute to the outstanding individuals, facilities, and innovations of Georgia’s manufacturing landscape.

The Manufacturing Mastermind

In 2021, Jason introduced the Manufacturing Mastermind, an initiative aimed at assisting visionary manufacturing executives navigate the complexities of their industry. It’s a melting pot of problem-solving, experience-sharing, and partnership-building, ensuring every challenge is met with a solution.

A Force of Influence

Georgia Trend Magazine’s recent recognition of Jason as one of the “500 Most Influential Georgians” is a testament to his ceaseless endeavors. At American-Made 2023, attendees can look forward to Jason shedding light on Georgia’s manufacturing strides and GMA’s pivotal role in this journey. He will elucidate with examples, emphasizing the transformative growth of organizations post their alliance with the GMA.

Mark your calendars, for an insight-laden session with Jason Moss is an experience not to be missed!

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