SEVEN TOUR BUSES IN THREE HOURS: The Buzz Around Made In America Store & Its Role in U.S. Manufacturing’s Next Big Event

This month – October 2023 – It was an unprecedented sight at Elma, NY – seven tour buses pulling into the Made in America Store in just three hours. The store, which champions American manufacturing and showcases only 100% USA-made products, has long been a beacon for those championing the resurgence of American manufacturing.

Mark Andol: The Visionary Behind the Store & The Voice of American Manufacturing

Founder of the Made in America Store, Mark Andol, has not only been the driving force behind this retail success but has also become an influential voice in American manufacturing. Mark’s passion for domestic manufacturing and his commitment to creating jobs in America made waves in the 2013 documentary, “American Made Movie.”

This year, Mark’s journey comes full circle as he is announced as the keynote speaker for American-Made 2023, an event that promises to set a dynamic tone for the future of U.S. manufacturing. His opening segment, titled “A Decade Later in U.S. Manufacturing,” is eagerly anticipated by industry professionals, offering insights, challenges, and progress made in the last ten years since the documentary’s release.

Setting the Stage for American-Made 2023

The American-Made 2023 conference aims to bring together the best minds, innovators, and leaders in the U.S. manufacturing space. And with Mark Andol leading the charge, it’s set to be an event that not only celebrates the progress of the past decade but also lays out the vision for the future.

Mark’s story of perseverance, innovation, and commitment to American values is a testament to what’s possible when we put our minds to it. His keynote address promises to be both a reflection on the past and a roadmap for the future, making it a must-attend for anyone in the industry.

A Decade Later: The Journey Continues

From the bustling activity at the Made in America Store in Elma, NY, to the buzz around American-Made 2023, it’s clear that the U.S. manufacturing industry is alive and thriving. As we gear up for the conference and Mark’s keynote, one thing is certain: the journey of American manufacturing, with its challenges and triumphs, continues to inspire and drive progress.

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