Listen in on my interview with Paul Vosper, who is the CEO of JuiceBarEV, a U.S. manufacturer of EV charging stations.

Installed across the country already, including municipality and fleet contracts, the growth of this company seems to be sustainable for years to come as the EV charging industry is still at the ground level.

Mr. Vosper is a currently Forbes Council Member, former VP of PIMCO, former COO with Morgan Stanley Real Estate Partner Division, and has held the CEO title for JuiceBarEV since 2018.

My initial question was about the domestic production that was touted in their latest press release. “We are able to get the majority of major components from U.S. suppliers and half of those suppliers are within a 75 mile drive of our manufacturing facility in Connecticut.” – Paul Vosper, President of JuiceBarEV

Having interviewed many executives with each story intriguing me for different reasons, this was one of the most gripping so far to me. I sat in my Tesla in amazement as he shares the type of EV future he is seeing.

There could have been a lot better technical questions, so I’ll be asking some of you to help me for the next time I get a chance to interview him.

Working with the Ford Lightning and partnering with Ford, Paul also mentions a modular EV work truck, and the coming 750+ miles of charging capacity that future vehicles will have…

Juice Bar EV is a provider of premium electric vehicle charging station and the Green Garage Oasis Amenity Center. Our mission is to deliver an iconic product and a premium electric vehicle charging experience; providing value, freedom of payment choice, and technological innovation. We aim to provide facility owners the most customizable EV charging stations.

Go to to learn more about installing a JuiceBar in your fleets garage, government building, office, hotel, and more.